10 Things I Find Sexy About My Husband

1.When he puts his shoes away, and I’m not tripping over them when I walk in the front door. 

2.When he cooks a nice dinner.

3.When he’s playing basketball/football/baseball.

4.When he comes out to grab the groceries and says, “Baby you can go ahead, I got this” (Anytime he says “I. GOT. THIS.”)

5.When he takes out the trash.

6.When he grows his beard out!

7.When he cleans my car, or take it to get an oil change.(OoOOooWeee)

8.When he comes to my rescue and kills a bug! (My hero)

9.When I beg him to go grocery shopping with me, and he pushes the cart!

10.And of course, when he washes the dishes.

What are some things you find sexy about your partner?