10 Things I Find Sexy About My Husband

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Of course! It’s important to express appreciation for your partner. Here are 10 things you might find sexy about your husband:

  1. His sense of humor: A good sense of humor can be incredibly attractive, making you laugh and feel more connected.

  2. Confidence: Confidence can be very sexy. When your husband carries himself with assurance, it can be a major turn-on.

  3. Thoughtfulness: Acts of thoughtfulness and kindness can make your husband incredibly appealing. It shows he cares about your feelings and well-being.

  4. Intelligence: Intelligence can be a big turn-on. Having engaging conversations and sharing intellectual interests can be very sexy.

  5. Physical fitness: Many people find a commitment to physical health and fitness attractive. It can be sexy to see your husband taking care of his body.

  6. Compassion: A compassionate and caring nature can make your husband very sexy. Being sensitive to the needs of others is a wonderful trait.

  7. Creativity: Creativity can be incredibly attractive. Whether he’s an artist, musician, or has a unique way of thinking, it can be a real turn-on.

  8. Ambition: Having goals and a strong drive to achieve them can be sexy. It shows determination and a desire to succeed.

  9. Generosity: Generosity and a willingness to help others can be very attractive. It’s a sign of a kind heart.

  10. Romantic gestures: Romantic actions, whether it’s surprising you with a date night or writing sweet notes, can be very sexy and help keep the romance alive.

Remember, what you find sexy in your husband may be unique to your own preferences and experiences, so feel free to personalize this list based on what specifically attracts you to him.


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  1. Yes to numbers 6,7, and 8. I’m all for #beardgang around these parts. Take my car for a wash and/or oil change and you got something coming to you. lol. Also, be my knight and shinning armor in my time of need…like when there’s creepy crawlers!

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