My Simple House Cleaning Routine

My Simple House Cleaning Routine

As a new mom, it can be difficult keeping the house clean while tending to a baby. I believe it’s important to establish a cleaning routine that makes house work less overwhelming and stressful.

My routine is spread throughout the week and year because if I try to do everything at one time, or let things build up, I get overwhelmed. I’m going to talk about my routine, and hopefully, it will help you create your own.

Daily Cleaning Routine

The first thing I do after waking up is make up my bed. After I eat breakfast, I clean the kitchen by wiping down the countertops and table with Lysol Wipes, unloading and loading the dish washer, and sweeping the floor. I run the dishwasher every other day and load dishes before I go to bed.

At the end of each day, I take a small basket and pick up random clothes, towels or shoes that are out of place just to keep everything tidy.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

I have a specific chore I do for certain days of the week:

Monday’s I do laundry and fold clothes.

Tuesday’s, I clean out the refrigerator and make sure trash is gathered since my husband takes the trash out on Wednesdays.

Thursday’s, I clean the bathrooms by wiping down the countertops, shower, tubs, and toilets.

Saturday’s, I wash the comforters and sheets. Also, I like to deodorize my carpets and vacuum the floors. This is also the day I clean my wood floors.

Monthly Cleaning Routine

Once a month, I take on a tedious cleaning task like vacuuming the stairs because it takes a little longer to do that. Also, dusting the light fixtures, ceiling fans, and other areas that collect dust.

Yearly Cleaning Routine

There are some home projects I do once or twice a year. I hire a professional to clean my floors and carpet. I also wipe down the windows in my home and wash the curtains.

These are my simple cleaning routines to maintain a tidy home. Please share any tips or your favorite cleaning products!

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