Honor Our Fathers

We need to stop using Father’s Day as a day to tear fathers down.  Every year, this is the day people use social media and other social network outlets as a platform to discredit the role of fathers and fatherhood.  There is more bashing than supporting and honoring the ones who are doing a great job. We don’t do this on Mother’s Day, and I’m sure there are people who don’t have great relationships with their mothers.

Growing up Fatherless

I understand that many of you grew up without a father present, particularly those of us whose father abandoned the family.  I understand that dealing with years of feeling abandoned by your father can make you want to lash out because you’re hurt; however, this is not the time, nor place to do that. And,if you have an  uncle, grandfather, or some other type of father figure in your life, why not use this day to honor them instead?

Harboring Hurt Feelings Turns Into Anger

Maybe you’re thinking, “No! I’m not hurt. I hate that guy. I don’t care about him.”  Well, being angry is an expression of hurt, and if you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t put so much energy into logging onto social media and writing up a post about him and other deadbeat fathers. Not only that, but you gave this some thought, plotted on posting it on social networks, and posted it so the world can see how angry you are. Just face it, that takes a lot time and energy.  Just let fathers have their day.

For example, can you imagine it’s your birthday, you’re trying to celebrate, but the only people writing on your Facebook wall are people who don’t like you. They post comments to remind you how much they dislike you.  You wonder why they even post on your wall if they don’t have anything nice to say.  You’re also upset because they waited until your birthday to write such mean comments.

Good Fathers Are Out There

It’s the same thing on Father’s Day.  Fathers all around the nation are being great fathers everyday.  They take care of their kids, feed them, and play with them all year.  Then Father’s Day comes around and they log on to see more hating going on than honoring.  People are posting comments like, “I am the mother and father,”and “My daddy didn’t do nothing for me.” All of this could be true, but please pick another day to express your frustrations.

Let It Go

Actually, just stop talking about it.  Nobody needs to know how slack your daddy or baby daddy is.  Posting about it on social media is not going to change your situation. Perhaps you are just posting about it because you want someone’s sympathy.  Keep family matters in house, and like my mama say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.”


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