The People You Meet- At Work: Speakerphone Users


There is nothing more annoying than your office being next to or down the hall from a Speakerphone User. Ironically, sometimes the speaker phone users are amongst the higher-up group, or one of the ‘Chosen’ as I like to call them.  Yes, these are the same individuals who encourage you to meet with customers, be productive, and feel comfortable in your work space.  However, they are oblivious to the fact that they are, in fact the ones causing the biggest disturbance.  


Speakerphone Users got their name because this special group of people are afraid of putting a phone to their ear.  They also do this to make it sound like they are discussing something very important.  And, surprise! The person on the other end is literally right next door to them.

speakerphone 2

The Speakerphone Users  have their own office etiquette guidelines.

1. If the person they need to speak to is between 2 and 3 feet away, they must call them to have a conversation.

 2. When having a conversation via speakerphone, both users must talk loudly enough so that all surrounding neighbors can also hear the important information being relayed back and forth.


How to deal with a Speakerphone User: wear headphones

speakerphone 4


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