The 5 Friends You Need

1.Spiritual Friend

These friends will remind you to stay prayed up, in the word, and grounded  

friends 7.jpg

2.Life Coach Friend

This friend is like a walking “How to” book and gives you advice on things like buying your first car, moving into a new place, questions to ask when looking for an insurance company, etc.


3.Turn Up Buddy

This friend is the life of the party! Whatever birthday, party, trip to the mall, trip to the gas station – it doesn’t matter, just know you’re going to have a good time doing it with them.

friends 5

4.Petty Betty

When you need to vent about a person and you want someone to be on your side, call Petty Betty because they will justify and validate everything you do even if you’re absolutely in the wrong.  Petty Betty is also one to call when you need someone to hype you up before you confront a person and tell them about themselves.

friends 4

5.Voice of Reason

Make sure you call this friend right after you talk to Petty Betty.  This friend is able to give good advice and see all perspectives in a given situation.  Petty Better may make you feel like you’re always in the right, but Voice of Reason will tell you about yourself and help you make the right decisions.

friends 6

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