The People You Meet – On the Road: Line Cutters


Line Cutters are drivers who believe the world revolves around them.  They think getting to their destination is more important than you getting to yours. Remember your teachers in elementary school telling you not to cut the line?   Line Cutters were the kids cutting the lines and wanting to be the line leaders. Now these jokers are all grown up and still cutting lines, but with their cars.

You would think at some point folks need to elevate from that type of mindset.

Line Cutters are grown-ass people, driving around these streets who feel a sense of entitlement and a need to always be the first in line.  In traffic, the cognitive process of a Line Cutter goes like this: I’m the only one on the road trying to go somewhere, and everyone else is just out here playing a game.

Cutters can be explained better when broken into 3 groups:

  1. Lane Creators,
  2. Spontaneous Switchers,
  3. Cut Delayers.

Lane Creators are drivers whose magical ability is to create invisible lanes.  To the normal driver, we cannot see these lanes, or sometimes what appears to us as a shoulder, is actually a VIP lane made for line cutters.  

Spontaneous Switchers are Line Cutters who only merge when there is barely enough space for their car to fit in between two cars.  At any given moment, switchers can pop up right in front of you and never put on a signal light to indicate when they’re going to switch lanes.

And finally, Cut Delayers are drivers who delay getting into the turning only lane where other cars are respectfully waiting their turn according to their arrival. So, instead of falling in  line, Delayers ride the other lane until they get to the front and take their rightful place in the front of the line.  

My advice: Drive Cautiously!


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