The People You Meet – At Work: Same Position Bosses

Same Position Bosses


Source of Energy: Being bossy

Skill : Making their own positions


Same Position Bosses are individuals, when given the opportunity, will try to boss around everyone in the office.  Don’t get it confused, this group of people are not on a power trip.  Actually, something in their DNA is causing them to thirst for power and control.  In the end, this individual is frustrated with the fact that they really want a position of power and leadership, but the problem is they don’t have good leadership skills, at all.


Let me back up and break down the meaning behind the ‘Same Position Bosses’ name.  ‘Same Position’ comes from the rooted fact of their position in the office.  These individuals have the same exact position as you, and you both have identical job duties as it is stated in your job description.  The term ‘Bosses’ illustrates the level of cognitive distortions and imagination the person displays.  In this case, the person believes that they are some kind of boss to you and your coworkers.


This happens to an individual under two circumstances.  One, this person is already power hungry, and therefore trying really hard to get a position of power.  Two, after numerous engagements of brownnosing and fellowshipping with higher-ups, this individual has appointed themselves as a lateral boss.


In the office space, you may see this person happily walking around giving out orders.  They also tend to send mass emails at any given moment with petty messages such as keeping the break room clean. They also visit other coworker offices voluntarily, giving out advice on how to be good employees like them.

Same Position Bosses 2

The problem with Same Position Bosses is that no one has ever clearly and carefully laid out their boundaries.  They’re not aware that even with more responsibilities, they are not supervisors. Surprisingly, the fact that  you guys still get paid the same amount doesn’t seem to be a dead giveaway.  At the end of the day, someone needs to inform them that you only listen to and answer to the person who signs your checks.


This misinformation  may cause many slap-in-the-face worthy reactions to take place in the office environment.  For example, let’s say you miss a day of work, and when you arrive the next day, the Same Position Boss is questioning your whereabouts.  You can see how this type of behavior and level of delusion can get of hand.


How can you Resolve this problem:
The way to deal with a Same Position Boss is simple – ignore them.


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