Common Misconceptions About Skinny Women



Yes, we eat.

Misconception About Skinny Women 2

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, we do consume food!  It’s like magic.  We eat food, but it doesn’t show in our physique.  Food baby for a moment, then rock hard abs after a few hours.  


We have feelings.

In our society, there are no rude or insensitive questions for small women. All filters are off! The questions range from rude to ruder. For example, things like,“Why are you so tiny?” “Do you weigh anything? “What do you wear? A size 0?” “Ew, you’re so skinny!” are perfectly okay to say to a petite-sized individual.    Apparently, the rules about never asking a woman her size or weight doesn’t apply to us.  Nevertheless, first encounters can make us feel anxious and awkward because we never know what’s going to come out somebody’s mouth.  

Misconception About Skinny Women 3

It’s just not cool people.

We need to exercise, too.

Misconception About Skinny Women 4

Exercising is for building strength and maintaining good physical health.  It is not only for losing weight.

We have a hard time finding clothes.Baggy Suit Girl

We have a hard time fitting into adult-sized clothing.   It’s very hard to find extra small shirts or slacks for work.

And it’s true, we are always cold. Always.

Misconception About Skinny Women 5


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